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Community guidelines

Our community guidelines ensure that everyone on Introwoo can be themselves without offending anyone else on our app. Please be honest, kind, respectful, and considerate when you’re interacting with others through Introwoo. Any violation of our guidelines can lead to the termination of your Introwoo account. If you see any other profile violating any of our community guidelines, please report them to us immediately and our team will review it.

  • Only use photos that are yours. Do NOT use photos that you do not have ownership of or photos that you do not have permission to use.
  • All photos must mandatorily include you in them. This means you CAN NOT include photos without any people in them, photos of other people, or photos of kids when you are either not included, or are not clearly visible in the picture.
  • Do NOT use pictures that depict nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit/graphic content. This includes shirtless pictures or pictures in your underwear.
  • If you are using a group picture on your profile, then also include at least one picture of just yourself where your face is clearly visible.
  • Make sure your face is not blurred, hidden, or covered in at least one picture of yourself such that it clearly helps other Pavo users identify you.
  • Do not use photos that have any text overlay. This includes pictures with watermark(s).
  • Do NOT include pictures or textual content that depict any illegal activity. This includes violence, abuse, obscenity, possession or use of drugs, or any vulgar or derogatory content.
  • Do NOT use pictures that depict you using (or in the possession of) a gun or any other firearm (unless you are a member of the military or a law enforcement officer, in which case the picture must identifiably include you in your uniform).
  • Do not use pictures or textual content that offers any solicitations. This includes all forms of advertising including but not limited to coupons, vouchers, or special offers and deals on your profile.
  • Do not engage in or encourage any targeted abuse or harassment against any other user or community. Introwoo takes reports of stalking, threats, bullying, or intimidation very seriously.
  • Do not use any of Introwoo’s features in an unintended manner such as spam, abuse, harassment, or targeted hatred towards any individual or community.

Any violation of any of the above policies will result in the violator’s account being limited, blocked, or permanently deactivated.