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Exclusive features. No limits. And lots of profiles.

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With a CoyAmore Premium account, you get the following benefits:

  • Blind Date on all chats
  • Unlimited Likes and Retracts
  • Reveal All profiles that sent you a like
  • Advanced filters for profile preferences


A Retract is an undo button for the times when you accidentally send someone a like.

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1 Retract
3 Retracts
Save 16%
5 Retracts
Save 19%
1 Boost
Save 27%
3 Boosts
Save 30%
5 Boosts
Save 33%
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Activate a Boost and remove all distance-based restrictions on your profile.



Reveal lets you see which users are interested in you and even start conversations with them.

1 Reveal
Save 27%
3 Reveals
(Save 10%)
5 Reveals
(Save 19%)
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Not sure what to pick? Why not try our
feature combo?

With our feature combo package, you receivce
2 Retracts, and 2 Reveals at just
$8.99 !

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